24 May 2013

spring walker

The artwork I did for the celebration of spring 2013. 
Hope we all enjoy.

08 October 2012

Arz Lodos

Poster illustration I did for " İstanbul Kıyamet Vakti" game's 5th expansion "Arz Lodos"
İstanbul Kıyamet Vakti oyununun 5. Genişleme Paketi olan Arz ve Lodos için yaptığım poster illustrasyonu.
Copyrights © Sobee Studios

13 July 2012

oil on board

ilk yağlı boyam, 35x50 cm mdf üzerine kendi portrem

my first oil painting, over 35x50 cm board, self portrait

...ve Burçin e de fotoğraf için teşekkür : )


İstanbul Kıyamet Vakti oyunu Topkapı eklentisi için yaptığım giriş kapısı konsepti. 

Concept art i did for the game İstanbul Kiyamet Vakti enterance of Topkapi expansion 

Copyright Sobee Studios

07 February 2012

color selection tool for photoshop


We digital artists suffering photoshop's unpractical color selection menu for years. Len White's painterswheel is perfect. I highly recommend it. It's free but you may donate. Here is the web site.  http://nerdchallenge.com/lenwhite/LenWhite.com/LenWhite.com/LenWhite.com.html

09 January 2012

creature portrait sculpt

My fist digital sculpt here. I used zbrush. Fun.
(Thanks to my colleagues Niyazi and Murat for zbrush tricks)
Sculpt  (below) from the concept http://alitunc-artblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-post.html

12 June 2010

İstanbul Kıyamet Vakti

Hi everyone.
Those illustrations are from the game Istanbul Kiyamet Vakti, Derindeki Sir expansion.
First one is for the game's website.
Second one is for box and dvd cover of the game. (character concepts are Yalim Alatli)
Third one is for autorun screen of the game.
Hope you all enjoy.
See details here game's official web site www.istanbuloyun.com

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